Prevent Rats from Entering Your Drainage System with SOS Plumbing

During the Winter season, rats tend to enter buildings in search of warmth, making it a crucial time for rat infestations.


How to identify signs of rodent activity in your drainage system?


The most common indicators include rat droppings, scratching sounds, rub marks, and footprints. Another sign is rats gaining access through damaged drain covers and small holes near them. To help prevent this problem, SOS Plumbing offers a solution by installing rat prevention blockers in main pipes leading to the affected property. This service is available for both residential and commercial properties and is recommended when there is no barrier or trap in the drainage system linked to the main sewer system, or if there has been recent rodent activity.


Rat prevention blockers can be easily installed in drainage pipes at the manhole. They feature a one-way flap that allows rats to exit but not re-enter. High-quality rat prevention blockers are made of metal or strong plastic composite that rats cannot chew through to gain access. SOS Plumbing provides a variety of rat prevention blockers from leading manufacturers, and some can be installed from ground level using specialized installation poles. One of these products is “The Ratwall,” which fits securely in place with a tight friction fit and cannot become dislodged into the drainage line. The flap opens fully, allowing maximum flow, and has a reversible flap for installation into either the inlet or outfall.


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