An Emergency with the Plumbing? Lesson: Learn How to Turn off the Water Supply

To avoid extensive damage in a plumbing emergency, it’s crucial to swiftly shut off your water supply at the mains. Our plumbing tips will make it easier for you to locate the shutoff valve quickly until a 24-hour emergency plumber can mend the leaky pipe or take care of the issue.


How to Turn the Water Off Under the Sink


The stop tap or stop cock is typically located in a corridor or close to kitchen appliances like the sink. This valve will shut off the cold water supply to the entire building/home in an emergency.

A brass valve with a water line on either side is called a stopcock valve. To turn the water off, simply turn the tap anticlockwise. Use some WD40 to help loosen the primary valve if it hasn’t been turned in a while so you can turn it clockwise.


TIP – It is useful to know exactly where the main water shutoff valve is prior to an emergency. If you ever have a boiler repair or plumbing call-out for general maintenance ask the engineer to help you locate it, or if you rent the property ask the landlord.


Book an Emergency Plumber


Damaged pipe? Leak? Problem with the main water shut-off valve? Give us a call if you require assistance right away.


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How About Hot Water?


A valve that you can turn is also on hot water cylinders. To turn off the hot water once more, turn the valve clockwise. When the main shutdown valve for the property is turned, the water supply will be stopped off for properties with combination boilers.


How to Check if Water Supply Is Off


The cold water tap in the kitchen should be switched on to see if the stop valve has shut off the water. Before having the plumbing problem rectified, you will be able to tell the water is off when the tap starts to slow down and ultimately stops. Turn Off the Outside Main Water Valve


The outside stopcock is typically located adjacent to the water metre, under a cover close to the pavement. Once more cutting off the water supply to the property by turning the valve anticlockwise can help you maintain control until a nearby emergency plumber comes.


Can I Isolate Individual Appliances?


Many appliances have a separate isolation valve, which is useful if you find that an appliance has leaked. Turn the screwdriver 90 degrees after inserting it into the slot. Water to the appliance or bathroom fixtures will be turned off as a result.


Turn Off the Water Supply to a Washing Machine


Find the main water shut-off valve for the appliance before attempting to turn off the water supply to a washing machine or dishwasher. They simply function like outside valves for washing machines served by two valves (hot and cold). Clockwise, turn off both of them. The water supply to some washing machines may be turned off by a lever-style valve. You only need to pull the lever down to operate this kind of valve.


How to Turn Off Water to Toilet


The pipe behind the toilet has a shutoff valve attached to it. You may rotate a flathead screwdriver 90 degrees by inserting it in the isolation valve’s slot. The water supply to the entire property does not need to be turned off, therefore. You will need to utilise the main water shut-off valve since some older toilets lack an isolation valve.


How to Turn Off Water Supply to Bathroom Taps


The valve is probably under the sink if you wish to turn off the water supply to the bathroom taps. Turn the valve so the slot is at a right angle to the pipe using a flathead screwdriver. When you isolate the tap, turn it on and off to see if the water is off. Another choice is to close the property’s main valve.


It is time to call an emergency plumber to come out and solve the problem once you have shut the water off to the location, the troublesome area, or the appliance.


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